The only photo booth with a mission: To pixelate the world


The pixomat is a photobooth with a mission. To pixelate the world and to create the most beautiful selfies.

Sometimes modern high resolution cameras capture too much information. Not the pixomat. The pixomat captures only the necessary information to make every photo beautiful, like a little piece of art. 

It features a mini screen, a HD camera and a visual shutter release system. By holding a pink Post-it over the camera for 1 second the camera is triggered and a pixel picture is created. The pixomat pixelates the picture to about 3% of the cameras resolution and prints out a beautiful pixelated picture or shares it on twitter at @thepixomat.

The pixomat was originally build for a shopwindow for 3M by Andreas Kopp and programmed by Javier Garcia Carpio. It was later improved for events like LeWeb Paris and We love 8 Bit Art.

The pixomat is available for rent. 

Contact Andreas: andreas@pixomat.co